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All Of Which Are American Dreams

I’m a Rage Against the Machine fan. I consider myself to be somewhat anti-establishment. A few years ago I probably considered America an evil and corrupt nation. While it’s far from a perfect place, the American Dream isn’t evil. I’m not talking about a white picket fence in suburbia with a beautiful family and successful career. I am talking about the abundance of opportunities available at our finger tips. In comparison to much of the world, it’s amazing to think we have anything to complain about. It’s even more amazing to think of the amount of American’s that fail to take advantage of these opportunities. Which, is why I believe some cultures harbor disdain for us. Not because of what we have — but because of the opportunities available to us that we don’t act upon. A large portion of the population are lazy, ignorant sheep. That’s a crime considering the opportunities available to us.

This is still one the greatest nations in the world. It’s time more of us start taking advantage of it. Not by exploiting the system, but by utilizing our resources. The American Dream doesn’t come without hard work, but it’s out there. And most of the world would die for the opportunity to work hard for the American Dream.

Simple Slideshow Plugin

I didn’t think one existed. I’ve searched high and low for an ultra simple jQuery slideshow plugin that easily displays the post images from my WordPress gallery. Unfortunately, most plugin developers are horrible designers. The internet is littered with WordPress slideshow plugins featuring overly complicated options, text overlays, annoying transitions and ugly styling — until I stumbled on to Portfolio Slideshow. This plugin is a dream come true for designers! Finally, I can easily display just my images with an elegant fade transition. Here’s an example (with some very minor style changes):


An Aspiring Actor And Writer

That’s what my brother is. Elliott abandoned his education as a Dentist to pursue a career path that is laughable by most. To top it off, he recently moved to Los Angeles with his wife — an editor. Apparently it’s a stupid decision to follow your dreams. At least it seems 99% of the world’s population would have you believe so. In my opinion, it’s a bold move that’s so crazy it just might work.

Having a little experience in “crazy” life decisions myself, they only ever seem to work out for the best. They have been in LA just over a month and Elliott has already scored some paying acting gigs and landed a part time job as a Vet Technician. Meanwhile, his wife Tiffany has been killing it with her freelance editing services, Elliott has been writing religiously about his new experiences and thoughts on his new site, So check it out, and wish him luck for his next audition! He’s got the talent and the ambition — it’s just a matter of time before you see his mug on an episode of Law and Order.