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How I Met My Wife

Brace yourself, I didn’t say this was a short story. Neither did I make any claims of it being particularly interesting to anybody outside of our immediate family and friends. However, it is the best story of my life.

Theme Development: Make Elements With Background Images Match Image Height

Let’s say you want a responsive WordPress theme to utilize a featured image as a full browser width page banner using parallax with content above the image. Something like this: To accomplish this, you’ll need to employ the use of a background image. However, background images applied to HTML elements do not inherit the height

Write It, But Don’t Publish That Shit!

Buried deep inside myself is a halfway decent writer. I minored in creative writing, for whatever that’s worth. When I was younger I imagined writing Mark Twain inspired stories about my childhood adventures growing up in the swamps of Central Florida. Ya know, happy stuff. However, these days I sometimes use my writing powers as

Humility Is For Poor People! Unless You Live In Hawaii.

I’m a fairly humble dude. I don’t like talking about money or my accomplishments. I’m not one to brag about my skills and talents. It’s uncomfortable for me — like cold weather. Man, I just want to create cool brands and products that people can enjoy. I find many people in business, particularly on the mainland,