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Humility Is For Poor People! Unless You Live In Hawaii.


I’d like to think I’m a fairly humble dude. I don’t like talking about my accomplishments. I don’t like talking about money. I’m not one to brag about my skills and talents. It’s uncomfortable for me — like cold weather. Man, I just like creating cool brands and products that people can use and enjoy.

I find many people in business, particularly on the mainland, are constantly trying to impress others by bragging about how much they have and how awesome they are. That has always pissed me off. Nothing gives me more pleasure than silently kicking ass in business without competitors even realizing it. All the while, pretending I’m a dumb ass redneck from Florida.

I had relatively humble beginnings. My family wasn’t poor, but we didn’t have much when I was young. I ain’t no fortunate son. Nah, nah… I watched my Dad build a successful construction company from practically nothing. I saw my mom go back to school as an adult to get her Master’s in psychology. I watched them both struggle to give my brother and I the best childhood they could — with or without money. They worked to change our stars. That was a better education for us than our private elementary school, magnet high school and college educations combined. It taught us to take risks in life and business, to work hard and further our education, and to be humble about it.

Something I love about Hawaii is that most people here are humble. You probably couldn’t spot a millionaire from a beach bum — unless you know your OluKai slippers from a generic brand. But it doesn’t matter in Hawaii. We all surf the same waves and we all share a love of the ocean and this land. That’s usually a common bond — unless the waves get crowded with egos that don’t belong here. Humility is still a virtue in Hawaii. It’s not a flaw.

I moved to Hawaii 7 years ago with nothing but a car to sleep in. Somewhere along the way of building a life and a business out here, through the awesome times and the really shitty times; I became a local. This lifestyle, this land, this ocean, these people — it suits me. It’s a hold out for humility.

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