The website solution for nonprofit organizations.

Project Description:

GivingPress provides nonprofit organizations with professional websites that accept donations. The company was founded by myself and Jeff Milone in 2016. Given the popularity of our NonProfit Theme from Organic Themes, we discovered a massive need for providing nonprofits with professional websites. GivingPress was created to fill that need.

GivingPress aims to make the world a better place by providing nonprofit organizations with the tools they need to create and manage a professional website at an affordable price. Our goal is to promote and aid businesses that are focused on the good of the world and mankind. So they can spend less time on their website, and more time making a difference.

The GivingPress Lite theme is available if the official theme directory.

GivingPress Lite downloads: 19530

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My Involvement:

I designed and developed the GivingPress website, GivingPress Pro theme and the free GivingPress Lite theme. In addition, I design the brand and wrote the majority of the website content. I continue to provide support and ongoing improvements to the website and themes.