The Future Of Website Management Is Simple

The current website creation process is complicated. It looks something like this:

  1. Find a good domain name. A challenge unto itself.
  2. Find a good hosting provider. Not GoDaddy, unless sleazy elephant hunters are the kind of people you respect.
  3. Choose a platform to manage your site. Usually WordPress.
  4. Find and hire a web designer.
  5. Approve the design.
  6. Find and hire a web developer.
  7. Your web developer disappears — he stops returning emails and calls.
  8. Find another developer, or a nephew that knows a lot about computers.
  9. Your nephew stops returning your calls.
  10. You decide to use a website template instead.
  11. Spend hours learning how to use your website management platform.
  12. Finally, write and add content to your site.

If you manage to successfully complete those steps and arrive with a truly professional site, then good on you. You should be proud. Most people don’t reach the finish line. They hit any number of roadblocks along the way, and become too discouraged to push forward. They thought creating a website would be simple.

And it should be. Creating a website should be simple. My current business manages to simplify the process by providing themes for the WordPress content management system. But it’s not simple enough — requiring lots of research and learning new software. As WordPress has grown in popularity, it has also grown in complexity. It’s a platform that was initially created for the sole purpose of blogging. However, it has evolved into a multi-headed hydra — trying to offer a solution for every type of website. It’s very powerful, but it’s way too much power for the average website. Using WordPress can be like trying to pilot a helicopter to your destination, when all you need is a bicycle.

That’s why I’m so excited to be working on a new project with Jason Schuller, Brad Touesnard and Jeff Milone. We’re creating the bicycle. Leeflets is an upcoming website management solution that will make the future of website creation what it should be — simple.

The public beta is scheduled for release in April. It’s free, open source and awesome! The koala is pretty cute too.

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3 Comments on “The Future Of Website Management Is Simple

  1. Hi David!!
    I like your blog, simple, direct, elegant.
    I want to ask you what is the best domain provider (not GoDaddy with the elephant hunter).
    Thank you for your help.

  2. Sounds compelling…but what happens to WordPress? Does this work with WordPress or it is a completely separate CMS?

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