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The “Goat Man” Video

I think the video of this story is hilarious for a number of reasons. You might not. That’s okay, but we probably won’t be friends.


I find this video funny. Not just funny — ridiculously funny. I died. My face hurt from laughing so hard.

On the other hand, some people don’t find this video that funny.

Why is that? What is it about this video that made me laugh uncontrollably, while others couldn’t care less?

That question led me to analyze this video, and in the process, my own sense of humor.

I’ve broken the video down into three phases. Each phase is funny in its own right. However, together they form a trifecta massively appealing to my particular sense of humor.

Let’s begin.

Phase 1: Inception

A light bulb flashes over this guy’s head. He’s got an idea. A brilliant idea!

Here’s how I imagine its inception taking place:

There’s this dude, right? He’s fed up with his complicated life. Being a human sucks! Then, he learns about Dian Fossey living with the gorillas, or Timothy Treadwell living with grizzly bears (Also a bad idea).

He thinks, “I can do that.”

Except, he doesn’t want the heavy risk factor of traveling to a foreign land, finding an elusive and potentially deadly group of animals, and possibly being killed in the process of living with them — can’t blame him there.

So, he thinks, “Well, there are some goats just down the road from here.”

This train of thought evolves, and he decides to live with them in order to view life from their perspective.

Then, he thinks, “No, no, no. Living with them is not enough. I have to become one of them!”

He fashions himself a couple prosthetic legs, wears a helmet so he can headbutt fellow members of his goat clan, and decides to eat only grass.

Still, it never crosses his mind that this might be the dumbest idea the world has ever known.

Keep in mind, these are goats — not gorillas or snow leopards. Goats! They are not a species of which there is very little known. In fact, people DO live with goats, every day, all over the world, for THOUSANDS OF YEARS!

Humans have observed goats quite closely, for a VERY long time. I mean, there’s even a Goat Simulator video game. The game is even a joke!

This leads me to believe, there are probably not a whole lot of breakthrough discoveries that can come from pretending to be a goat. Eh, that doesn’t matter.

Nowhere along the way did he have a buddy pull him to the side, place their hand on his shoulder, and say, “Ya know man, maybe this isn’t your best idea.”

If somebody did, it didn’t phase him!

He committed! Beautifully, if I do say so myself.

Phase 2: The Award

There are not many awards in life that matter a great deal. The ones that do are very difficult to receive. At least, they’re supposed to be.

If you’re an actor, it’s an Oscar. If you’re a musician, it’s a Grammy. If you’re a war hero, it’s the Purple Heart. If you’re a scientist, author, or peacemaker — it’s the Nobel Prize.

They don’t dish these awards out to just anybody. Or, so I thought.

The “Goat Man” received a Nobel Prize.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A Nobel Prize.

He pretended to be a goat, and he received a Nobel Prize!

He walked around a hillside, rather uncomfortably from the look of it, ate grass, and RECEIVED A NOBEL PRIZE!

Am I the only person that thinks this is insane!?

Call me crazy, but that research does not sound worthy of a Nobel Prize. Did he discover that pretending to be a goat cures cancer?


Why? How? Psh, I don’t get it!

As a personal note, I have not researched this guy any further than that video. I don’t care to either. I rather enjoy my hypothetical fantasy of this man receiving the Nobel Prize for pretending to be a goat.

Actually, it’s not hypothetical. He truly did receive the Nobel Prize, for pretending to be a goat. That IS hilarious.

The man who discovered that you can light a fart on fire doesn’t even have an honorable mention in the pages of history. What a shame… History has failed us.

Phase 3: The Coverage

Goat Man wasn’t alone. We have it on film. That means at least one other person was there with these goats, and this man pretending to be one.

Did they find it funny? God, I hope so.

After the crew filmed this guy, that footage had to be edited. So, an editor sat down in front of their computer. They combed over every second of footage. They probably stared at hours of this dude munching on grass and hobbling around a hillside. Then, they cut the scenes they deemed unworthy.

Did the editor find the footage funny? Man, I hope so too.

That edited footage was provided to a television news program willing to cover the story. So, a writer sat down, and viewed the footage. Then, they crafted a script worthy of this Nobel Prize winner’s story.

Did they see the humor in his story?

Then, the final story was presented by a news anchorwoman without any prior knowledge of this man or his research.

Did she find it funny?

She sure did! Rightfully so, I might add.

I mean, this is an example of one of the stupidest ideas ever conceived going so much further than anyone could ever believe possible. It’s the “Rudy” of dumb ideas. It’s truly a miracle. Pure comedy gold.

So, if you don’t find this video funny, maybe you’re not seeing the absurdity of it all. Or maybe the absurdity just doesn’t tickle your funny bone in the way it does mine.

That’s fine. I guess.


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