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Kahuna Host

Once upon a time I co-founded a hosting company. Then, we sold the customers. Then, that company was acquired and the customers were given back to us. Then, we sold them again. Score!

Project Link:

Project Description:

Kahuna Host is a managed WordPress hosting company founded by David Morgan and Jeff Milone. The service caters specifically to WordPress powered websites and features automatic installation of the platform with a premium Organic Theme upon sign-up — a true instant setup solution for professional websites.

In 2014 we sold our customers to the company World Wide Web Hosting. Invulu maintains the Kahuna Host brand and website, while the customers are now served by the established infrastructure of WWWH.

My Involvement:

I designed the brand, and designed and developed the website. I skinned cPanel and WHMCS for the hosting service. In addition, I designed the user experience and managed the development of custom integrations to Kahuna Host.