David Morgan


Founder, Designer, Developer, Surfer


Aloha, I’m David Morgan! I was born and raised in Central Florida, and currently live in the awesome town of Sarasota. I’ve resided in the great cities of Lahaina, Paia, Honolulu, San Diego, and Orlando as well — I’m not fond of cold weather.

I create online brands and businesses, design and develop WordPress themes, and illustrate logos. I love to surf. I also strum a geetar poorly, hike with my crazy Sheltie, catch fish like Bill Dance and I’m a natural on a snowboard — despite only seeing snow a handful of times in my life. I have an amazing wife, an awesome family, a famous brother and great friends. There isn’t much to complain about.

I attended an arts high school during my awkward teenage years. There, I spent most of my education illustrating monsters and aliens. When I wasn’t drawing fantasy creatures or playing Warcraft II over a 56K modem, I was out wakeboarding, bow hunting or being towed behind a Camaro on rollerblades at 60mph in an attempt to balance out my nerdiness.

I graduated with a BFA in Computer Animation from the University of Central Florida. I studied traditional animation, computer animation, and creative writing. However, my career began in a cubicle modeling 3D cockpits and texturing kill switches for one of the many government contracted military simulation companies in Central Florida — it sucked! I didn’t take the job seriously. In order to keep my soul intact, I often showed up late after surfing the mornings at Cocoa Beach. Eventually, I was “let go.” It was the only time I was ever fired. The corporate “Office Space” life was not for me.

I stumbled in to design, and loved the freedom the field offered. I paid my dues for a couple years at a top notch interactive firm, then started a freelance design business, Muku Studios. In 2007, I left for Oahu in search of the perfect wave. With nothing to my name and a condo in foreclosure, I lived out of my car for a few days upon moving to Hawaii. I foraged for any freelance work I could find to pay the bills in Waikiki. In 2009, I moved to Maui and created a WordPress theme company with my best friend from high school.

Our company, Organic Themes, has become one of the most popular WordPress theme companies with a reputation for excellence. A year later, Jeff and I created the WordPress hosting company, Kahuna Host. In early 2016, we launched GivingPress as a website solution for nonprofit organizations.

On July 24th, 2016, I married the love of my life in Costa Rica. Emily and I traveled the country together for 2 weeks exploring little towns, eating at “Sodas,” running from Howler Monkeys, and surfing grande waves.

These days I continue my work with GivingPressOrganic Themes and Kahuna Host.

25 things you may not know about me…
  1. I’ve lost count of how many car wrecks I’ve been in.
  2. I lose my shit if a bee lands on me — which seems to be fairly often.
  3. I’ve surfed 15 foot waves, but don’t care to surf them that big again.
  4. My friends and I have backpacked over 24 miles through the barren volcano crater of Haleakala — several times.
  5. My heritage is English, Welsh, Jewish and Cherokee Indian, among other things.
  6. I didn’t see snow until I was 13-years-old on a road trip across the country with my family.
  7. My house has been struck by lightning in Hawaii. My friend was struck by lightning in Florida.
  8. I lived out of my car for the first few days when I first moved to Hawaii.
  9. I’ve never broken a bone, and received stitches only once after dropping a jar of jelly on my pinky toe.
  10. I love Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam and Kings of Leon.
  11. I ran cross country, and hated it.
  12. I have a hyper Sheltie named Taj — after the pro surfer.
  13. I know more about Star Trek TNG than I care to share in daily conversation.
  14. My favorite video game is Zelda: A Link To The Past.
  15. I grew up wakeboarding and gave it up the moment I tried surfing.
  16. I’ve caught a rattlesnake with my bare hands.
  17. I’ve had several designs published in various books and magazines.
  18. I once populated my entire swimming pool with fish I caught from a pond, unbeknownst to my parents.
  19. I had a go-kart growing up. I crashed it into a neighbors garage.
  20. I’ve swam in sewage. I’m not proud of that one. I just thought it was mud.
  21. I can distinguish the distinct smell of tadpoles immediately.
  22. I love every place I’ve lived, but not every place I’ve visited…
  23. I have ADHD. My parents decided to keep this a secret from me until I learned to cope with it on my own.
  24. In college, my friends and I drove from Orlando, Florida to northern Minnesota. We backpacked and canoed through the Boundary Waters wilderness along the U.S. and Canadian border.
  25. I hit a sea turtle with my surfboard on a wave at Ho’okipa. It sent me flying and ripped the center fin out of my board. The turtle was fine.