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Organic Themes

Organic Themes was founded in 2009 by myself and Jeff Milone. We continue to offer great WordPress themes, plugins, services and support to thousands of customers.

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Organic Themes is a premium WordPress theme shop founded by David Morgan and Jeff Milone. The site was launched in February of 2010 with 6 themes. It was an immediate success. With a continually growing theme collection and reputation for quality design and great support, Organic Themes remains one of the most popular WordPress theme shops today.

I designed and developed the brand, website and themes. In addition, I create and manage all content for the site. Jeff has provided front-end and back-end development for themes and other site integrations. We work to provide ongoing support, updates and promotion of the brand and products. We have never paid for advertising or SEO, and we are proud to say the sites popularity has grown “organically”.

Organic Themes partnered with Automattic to provide their themes on the marketplace. We have remained the top seller for over a year with only a fraction of our themes available. It’s been an awesome experience, and we’re happy to be continually providing more themes for the marketplace.