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All Of Which Are American Dreams

I’m a Rage Against the Machine fan. I consider myself to be somewhat anti-establishment. A few years ago I probably considered America an evil and corrupt nation. While it’s far from a perfect place, the American Dream isn’t evil. I’m not talking about a white picket fence in suburbia with a beautiful family and successful career. I am talking about the abundance of opportunities available at our finger tips. In comparison to much of the world, it’s amazing to think we have anything to complain about. It’s even more amazing to think of the amount of American’s that fail to take advantage of these opportunities. Which, is why I believe some cultures harbor disdain for us. Not because of what we have — but because of the opportunities available to us that we don’t act upon. A large portion of the population are lazy, ignorant sheep. That’s a crime considering the opportunities available to us.

This is still one the greatest nations in the world. It’s time more of us start taking advantage of it. Not by exploiting the system, but by utilizing our resources. The American Dream doesn’t come without hard work, but it’s out there. And most of the world would die for the opportunity to work hard for the American Dream.

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